China Self Defense from Different Attacks (1-10)


China Self Defense from Different Attacks (1-10)
English | 352×288 | DAT | 25 fps 1120 kbps | MP3 224 kbps | 6.18 GB
Genre: eLearning

Instructor Qi Ling Duan is national 1st grade (highest level) wushu judge, wushu instructor, & fighter.

1. Survey
Here instructor Qi just stands there showing one application after another. A whole lot of information without commentary, rapidly and clearly shown. A quick and thorough demonstration of movements against hair grabs, shoulder grabs, wrist grabs, bear hug, throat grabs, fist strikes, leg grabs, lapel grabs, kicks, knife attacks, staff attacks & more…

2. Shoulder Grabs
This VCD concentrates on shoulder grabs showing many methods divided into major counter offensive actions such as arm coiling. The instruction here is as clear and most Chin Na presentations we’ve seen. Straight forward, practical and strong applications with strikes and manipulations intermixed.

3. “Surprise Attacks
Two VCDs show many reactions to “surprise” attack. Some pretty strong actions utilizing throws, arm locks, follow up strikes, sweeps and other direct and straight forward counters.

4. Bear Hugs
This disk shows many counters to attacks from front and rear bear hugs. Good, practical stuff.

5. Fist Attacks
Punches are showcased on this VCD with multiple responses including many with arm locks, neck controls and strong throws. Practical and clear.

6. Chest Grabs
Solid and direct responses to chest grabs. Of course many actions are similar to other VCDs in this series which should be taken as proof of the versatility of good movements. In this case some interesting new counters.

7. Club Attacks
Classic chin nah defenses against club attacks, mostly swings. Some interesting pressure points. Most of these are fairly well known but the explanations here are clear, concise and very straight forward and don’t suffer from the “set up” that some demonstrations do.

8. Leg Attacks
Some good takedowns and throws against kicks. The second portion of this VCD deals with attack against your legs, that is to say tackles. Everything here is easily understood and applied.

9. Hair Grabs
Many hair grabs front and back countered in this series. A good thing to see since hair attacks have some special considerations like making sure you don’t encourage the attacker to tear his hand away.

10. Knife Attacks
An entire series of counters to knife attacks. Most are based on classic movements where the knife hand is controlled and from there the movement is to the ground,
a disabling armlock or a choke. Movements against knives require much training and experience.The counters shown here are classic of differing efficacy but all well shown.


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