Cooking Food and Survival


Cooking Food / Survival Ebooks Collection

Publisher: N/A | ISBN : N/A | 20 Books | PDF | 230MB (FS-FSn)

-Acorns As Food
-Backpack Gourmet
-Capturing Heat
-Canning Basics_Wild Game
-Canning Complete Guide
-Complete Book of Home Preserving
-Cooking With Acorns: Recipes
-Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the World
-Edible Wild Plants
-Handbook of Medicinal Herbs
-Handbook of Medicinal Spices
-Homemade Jerky Drier Instructions
-Native Game Recipes 1
-Physical Principles of Food Preservation
-Preparing Safer Jerky
-Raw Foods for Busy People
-Root Cellars: Vegetable Storage
-Sausage Making
-Survival Foods
-The Jerky Chef Recipes


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