Computer Hacking Skills Guide


Computer Hacking Skills Guide

Avi | TSCC | 1024×746 | 15fps 450kbps | 2GBThis Hacking Guide Comes with Videos that will show you have to gain access to nearly anything possibly imaginable. This also comes with a hacking simulator that will help you learn how to hack with a real life situation but without worrying getting caught. This also has a FAKE ID folder which has all the templates to help make Novility ID .

This is a really nice package with a Linux Hacking CD which will allow you to expand it even further. IP hiding software APPS That Are In Package
-Bar Tender Information (What they look for)
-Birth Certificate
-College ID’s
-Fake ID Templates
-Hologram Information
– Fake ID Program
Hacking Simulator Game
-Comes With The Game (Plus Updates)
Linux Hacking Videos (Shows you have to do attacks)
-128 bit Wep cracking
-A long List its over 800 mbs worth of videos
OPH Crack
-This is a boot cd that will crack local windows passwords (SAM FILES)
-It also can do password files over a LAN
Security Server
-A linux Lived Distribution CD
– It have a lot of tools you can use for penetration testing
Steganos Internet
-This is used to hide your IP address very cool
-I used it to help one of my friends who played football win a contest on the internet with his video
[Single Extraction | Working Fresh Links | No Password]



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