Emerging Business Online: Global and Internet Markets

Lara Fawzy and Lucas Dworski, “Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing”
FT Press | 2010 | ISBN: 0137064411 | 304 pages | PDF | 2,9 MB

A Practical, Start-to-Finish Blueprint for Internet-Based B2B Marketing in Emerging Markets
Discover ebocube: the low-risk, high-reward business model for reaching and penetrating fast-growing B2B markets
Integrate planning, strategy, metrics, branding,online/offline media, distribution, budgeting, marketing operations, and more
Learn from the experiences of Cisco and other global leaders

B2B marketers increasingly recognize the crucial importance of emerging markets and the potential of the Internet and information technologies in exploiting these opportunities. Now for the first time, there’s a comprehensive, robust, well-defined business model for successfully marketing B2B products and services and generating value in high-growth emerging markets.

Emerging Business Online brings together powerful lessons and techniques that are being applied successfully by Cisco and other global leaders. Lara Fawzy and Lucas Dworski reveal how to get ahead of competitors in emerging markets…mitigate risks in high-risk environments…measure emerging market sales and marketing performance accurately…set priorities and budgets…run effective campaigns and marketing operations…get results!

This book introduces ebocube (“emerging business online”) a comprehensive, proven business model. The ebocube model demonstrates how to implement a low-risk Internet B2B marketing strategy in emerging markets. Learn how to apply ebocube to integrate all stages of the marketing process, penetrate today’s fastest growing markets, and create significant new value.

The authors begin with an up-to-the minute introduction to emerging markets: their economic potential, politics, languages, cultures, Internet/mobile penetration, and more. Next, they identify emerging market best practices for segmentation, distribution, branding, and collaboration.

Building on this foundation, they introduce all three phases of the ebocube business model. You’ll learn how to establish metrics and a dashboard to stay on track through the entire commercial cycle; organize and budget; manage localized campaigns, contact data, and marketing operations; create the optimal offline/online media mix; and much more.

Don’t struggle with trial-and-error approaches to B2B marketing in emerging markets. Begin with a blueprint that works: ebocube.

B2B marketing by the dashboard light
Track and measure the right data the right way, transform it into intelligence, and then use it to improve
Managing customer relationships throughout the commercial cycle
Plan your contact strategy and localized campaigns and acquire and retain high-value, loyal customers
Integrating the elements of marketing communication
Optimize your marketing investment by integrating powerful media channels to reach new markets
Implementing marketing operations best practices for emerging markets
Optimize what matters: structure, budgeting, campaigns, reporting, tools, infrastructure, and more


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