13 Places to Download Awesome Premium WordPress Themes

wp-00The search for WordPress themes is never-ending. Should you find a free theme? Or shell out the bucks for a premium theme?

While exceptional content doesn’t need to be pretty to communicate, we can’t help wanting a little style with our substance.

If you’re like us, you want an eye-catching WordPress layout that looks sharp, creative and has as much style as your writing. Something unique and beautifully coded to render across all browsers, and maybe add a little SEO juice too.

The best WordPress themes offer all of that. And, often come with a pretty good support forum too. Some of these Worpress themes are free, but don’t be afraid to pay for something exceptional.  Let’s visit 13 amazing places you can go to get awesome premium WordPress themes.


Blog Oh! Blog


Blog Oh! Blog offers some brilliant themes for download and purchase.  With a style that’s both clean and modern you can have an exceptionally sleek look with any of these designs.  Check out both the free and paid sections here.  Their free templates have some unique designs and layouts!

Themes Junction


Themes Junction advertises ‘High quality word press themes for free.’  They have a huge selection, over 4,000 layouts, some are just nice but there are also many hidden gems.  Look around, you’ll find some excellent designs and all for free!  Many of these designs are not exclusive to the site, you’ll probably see them elsewhere too but unlike many of the other ‘collective’ type sites this one organizes everything very well and lists the authors website in the sub-page for each design.  Handy!



The designs from StudioPress are another set of themes you’ve probably seen around the web. They are extremely popular, and they have specific themes for real estate agents, news sites, video blogs, and photo blogs all with a few extras that are targeted for each particular industry. For instance the WordPress theme for Real Estate Agents (titled “Agent”) includes all the custom fields needed to use the posts to create housing lists. It’s set up to be plug and play WordPress development, but check out their showcase to see how designers have customized the themes. (One of TutorialBlog’s editors uses a Studio Press theme for her green blog, as does this site!)

Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes may be a pay-only theme developer, but  the price is set at just $19.95 for the year! The WordPress Theme subscription buys you access to all of their designs.  On top of that they offer personal attention from the developer of you need a little help along the way.  A total steal, especially considering the quality of the designs.



WPRemix is for especially folks that want to use WordPress as a CMS. Unlike the other sites on this list, WPRemix is not a set of themes it is a single theme purchase with lots of built-in options for customization. There are 10 choices for homepage layouts and 20 different single page templates. If you’re handy with CSS, you could make an infinite number of sites and never need to buy another WordPress theme.

Theme Forest


Theme Forest is another collective of designs, this time each design is set for sale by the original designer.  It’s a fantastic concept and you can see a wide range of styles and designs by going to one place.  While there are not any themes set for free, they are very reasonably priced between $10 and $45.

Free Theme Layouts


That’s right a totally free collective of originally designed sites!  With the option to purchase the PSDs and remove the credits at their sister site themelayouts.com.  Clean to grungy to hip to funky, all kinds of styles here!



Free themes by Teresa, her style is sweet and funky-chic!  These are not for commercial use but these fantastic themes would be great artistic and personal blogs.



Free and paid layouts, Woothemes is run by 3 designers who offer customer service and support on all of their paid designs!   As you go through their layouts you’ll see the free ones marked with a green banner along the top of the thumbnail.  Even their free designs are stunning. (The Southern California Green Chamber of Commerce uses a modified woo theme.)



Milo is a talented designer who graciously offers over a hundred wordpress themes for free.  All her own design, these looks are very unique and funky.  This place is worth hours of browsing!



StyleWP is a WordPress theme powerhouse. Similar to TemplateMonster, the site specializes in all things WordPress. You can browse themes by category — magazine themes, corporate themes, blogging themes — or look for themes with fancy features such as Flash and drop-down menus.



Jinsona runs this website and offers his designs for free to users.  He also runs a forum with free help for any of his work.  There are also a lot of user submitted themes, ones I’ve seen several times before on other websites but still a very nice selection.



Press75.comis the home of Jason Schuller’s professional WordPress layouts.  This is a particularly stunning small collection of designs, each for $75 but he does offer  two free themes in the bottom right corner of the page.  His site is relatively new so keep an eye on his excellent work.

There are thousands of amazing WP themes and template designs out there with just as many sites to showcase them. Leave us note in the comments and tell us which premium WordPress themes you’re fond of and why.

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