After Effects CS5 Creating Motion Graphic Effects CS5:Creating Motion Graphics 2011

Creating Motion Graphic – After Effects CS5
Genre: E-learning | Size: 2.11 GB
After Effects CS5: Creating Motion Graphics with Ian Robinson covers some of the core principles used to create motion graphics, breaking them down into smaller groups of applied techniques in After Effects. The course explores everything from gathering inspiration to integrating traditional typography, transitional elements, animated textures, color, and more into motion graphics. Instructions for building a toolkit with templates and a style guide for future projects are also included. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

->— Converting type from Photoshop and Illustrator
->— Creating shapes from text
->— Using markers in animation
->— Editing techniques for graphics
->— Using type presets
->— Animating type
->— Exploring color correction tools
->— Building animated textures
->— Creating custom vignettes
->— Understanding Lights and Material settings
->— Adding dynamic transitions
->— Rigging cameras for animation
->— Working efficiently in 3D space

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